Tommy Wine Glass N 4

Tommy Wine Glass N 4

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Every glass from the Cristallerie Saint-Louis is a little work of art. Three cutting techniques are used for a "Tommy" glass: facet cut, ball cut and diamond cut. First manufactured in 1928, the intricate craftsmanship and many beautiful details of this "Tommy" range have made it into one of the most popular glass creations ever.

A noticeable feature of the "Tommy" glasses is that they are relatively small compared with other glasses. The red wine glass holds 0.17 l, the white wine glass 0.11 l.

The fame of these perfectly shaped glasses from Saint-Louis was cemented at a legendary dinner in 1938: On the occasion of a visit by King George VI, each guest in the mirrored dining room of Versailles Palace sat down at a place setting which included eleven glasses from the "Tommy" range. The illustrious guests were delighted.

Then as now, each glass in the "Tommy" series from Saint-Louis is manufactured with the greatest skill and precision. Each "Tommy" glass takes ten days to make – involving ten glassblowers to create the refined shape and five glass-cutters to produce the sculpted result.


  • H15.1 cm, ø 7.5 cm, 0.11 l
  • Mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass
  • Hand-wash recommended