Scotch Club 26 Pendant Light Black-White

Scotch Club 26 Pendant Light Black-White

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Scotch Club by Marset - a perfect craftsmanship

The decorative light by Marset has been named after the Scotch Club, a worldwide famous club of the 1950s located in Aachen, Germany, and one of the very first ever, where live music had been replaced by DJs playing radio and discs. The Marset light can be understood as an homage to the club, also because its spherical faceted shape looks like a disco ball. It is a sparkling eye-catcher.

The Scotch Club suspension has a ceramic shade with a faceted surface which constrasts with the smooth material. The shade's exterior is covered with a special glaze, available in diverse mat coloured hues. The inside is coated with white enamel or precious 18-carats-gold. The lamp's light is wonderfully reflected by the inside and at the same time directed downwards, while the Scotch Club suspension also serves as an accent lighting above dining tables. Depending on the chosen version, the light provides bright, glare-free light (white enamel) or warm, cozy light (gold).

The Scotch Club lights by Marset are the results of the second cooperation between the Mashallah Design office in Berlin and the Spanish ceramic artist Xavier Mañosa. As it was the case with the Pleatbox series of 2011, Mashallah Design and Mañosa combine traditional craftsmanship and digital advancement. While the Berlin-based office developed the digital design, Mañosa dedicated himself to the hand-made manufacturing. The result is an especially beautiful light fixture which upgrades the room through its decorative presence.

The Scotch suspension is available in a choice of three sizes and, depending on its size, is equipped with a E27 or G9 base for LED lamp. With ceramic ceiling rose and textile cable.


Technical Specifications:
Recommended application surface: Ceiling
Lamps / Bulbs Included?: No
Suspension Length: 2000mm
Height: 221mm
Diameter: 265mm
Weight: 3.00Kg
Safety Classification: Class II
Materials: Ceramic, Enamel, Fabric
Interior / Exterior Restrictions: Interior Use Only